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Business Intelligence

Rapid Intelligence Monitor

We are leaders in business intelligence for stakeholder activities and policy development. On a daily basis, Mapol monitors all issues and events pertaining to market access of pharmaceuticals in private and public drug plans. This information is summarized and delivered to your inbox weekly so you can address issues as they occur. 

Drug Benefit Communiqué® 

Drug Benefit Communiqué® is the most widely subscribed electronic news bulletin service for brand pharmaceutical manufacturers pertaining to private and public payer drug plans in Canada.

Issued 12 times a year, this news bulletin service not only keeps you up-to-date on drug plan developments, it also provides insights and answers the "So what?" question to allow you to assess the impact to your business.

Retainer Services

By monitoring the market daily, we pass along news and events that matter to you when they happen. We not only inform you of the news but we also tell you why it is important to you.

We interpret the news and answer the "So what?" question around product reimbursement implications within public and private payer drug plans so you can understand the impact to your business.

Retain the services of Mapol's senior consultants and benefit from the work of our entire team. Monthly scheduled discussions will bring you up-to-date on emerging and ongoing policy issues.

Training and Education Seminars

We provide customized in-house sessions and semi-annual industry events exclusively for brand pharmaceutical manufacturers.