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Friday, 15 December 2017

Stakeholder Collaboration at Mapol's 4th Annual Benefits Advisors’ Drug Plan Outlook Meeting Featured


 On December 5th, Mapol hosted the 4th Annual Benefits Advisors’ Drug Plan Outlook in Toronto. This event brought together industry thought leaders from the benefits advisor and innovative pharmaceutical manufacturer communities from across Canada. With a shared objective of improving the plan sponsor and plan member experience with drug benefit coverage, there was agreement that more work is needed in 2018 to minimize the potential consequences resulting from legacy administrative practices or drug plan changes.

Key takeaways included the need for greater transparency in the premium setting process and the avoidance of unilateral contract changes with little choice for plan sponsors. To support employee health, there was an expressed need to allow plan members to stay on existing treatments without being forced to switch to different drugs as a result of changes to plan designs and/or transfers of contracts from one insurer to another. Participants at the meeting also felt that insurers can be active partners in the delivery and support of disease information to plan members and their dependents.

The proceedings of this event will be published in an upcoming edition of Benefits and Pensions Monitor.