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Mapol Webinar Series

Mapol Inc. hosts CE accredited, no-cost educational webinars on topics related to health conditions, employee benefits plan designs, environmental trends and emerging new drugs. Our webinars are designed for the educational needs of individuals who work in the Canadian benefits field. These events are privately held, closed-door sessions with attendance granted on an invitation and pre-approval basis only.

Sign up now to receive invitations to our webinars. Please note, Mapol's webinars are limited to invited stakeholders including benefits consultants and brokers, insurers, PBMs, TPAs, and employers (HR professionals).

 Upcoming Webinars

  • November 29, 2018 - 'Sustainable Patient-Centred Access to Original and Similar Biologics' Registration Link
  • The full 2019 schedule will be announced soon!

Some Past Webinars

  • 'If You Have Lungs, You Can Get Lung Cancer: The Unexpected Faces of Lung Cancer and New Treatment Options'
  • 'Medical Cannabis Integration on Private Payer Plans'
  • 'Opioid Addiction in Canada - Understanding Current Treatment Options and Preparing for the Future'
  • 'New Clinical Guidelines from Diabetes Canada: Patient-centred Diabetes Care and Chronic Disease Management'
  • 'Gaining Control of Atopic Dermatitis: First Biologic Treatment Targeting IL-4 and IL-13'
  • 'EveryBODY Matters – Coverage of Obesity Treatments in Private Payer Plans'
  • 'Diabetes Management in the Digital Age'
  • 'Burden of Chronic Insomnia in the Workplace'
  • 'Perspectives on Biosimilars in Canada'
  • 'Diabetes in the Workplace: Changing the Conversation on Workplace Wellness'
  • 'Understanding the Impact of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D) in the Workplace'
  • 'Demystifying Immuno-Oncology, its Impact on Employees and Private Payer Plans'
  • 'Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A New Dual Treatment Option'
  • 'Medical Marijuana - What do Payers Need to Know?'
  • 'New Pathways to Controlling Asthma and The Patient Experience with Specialty Infusion Clinics' 
  • 'Multiple Sclerosis in the Workplace: an Overview of the Disease, its Management, and the Patient Experience'
  • 'Depression in the Workplace and A New Therapy for Treatment'
  • 'Navigating the System to Access High Cost Drug Therapies - A Patient's Journey'
  • 'An Ounce of Prevention, Rethinking Lifestyle Drugs'