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Market Research & Analytic Tools

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Drug Reimbursement Monitor

Identify reimbursement barriers, specific clinical and step therapy criteria for prior authorization approval and quantify the level of market access for a specific pharmaceutical product in both public and private payer drug plans. These reports allow you to prepare for upcoming product launches by studying proxy products or utilize our submission tracking process to measure and communicate uptake after commercial launch.

Payer Surveys

Obtain first hand insights and opinions from current and former drug plan decision makers. Find out how your product may be viewed and reviewed before you receive Health Canada approval. Keep track of environmental and policy changes before they become issues.

 Private and Public Payer Profiles

Provides current contact information, submission requirements and payer census data (number of lives by province by payer) for 95% of the private payer market. Ensure your submissions are sent to the correct decision maker to reduce delays in review and listing in private and public payer drug plans.

Private Payer Submissions Guide

Provides a guide to developing comprehensive product submission documents to meet the requirements of all private payers in Canada.

Market Access Mobile

We utilize industry leading technology to supply our clients with state of the art applications that allow instant access to our products and databases through desktop and mobile devices.

Securely disseminate information to your field team and collaborate "on the go".