Johnny Ma

President & COO 

With over a decade of experience in the pharmacy benefits management industry, Johnny is co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mapol Inc. As an ex-private payer decision maker, Johnny has reviewed hundreds of drug submissions and policy issues during his time at ESI Canada (now known as Express Scripts Canada). Since 2009, Johnny has led multiple new product submissions, delivered training sessions to hundreds within the pharmaceutical industry, and has developed industry leading business information and analytics tools. Johnny is co-author of the Drug Benefit Communiqué – Private Payer Pulse newsletter which is the industry's leading source for intelligence on private payer drug plans. Johnny is a registered pharmacist in the province of Ontario and maintains his license in retail pharmacy.

Gordon Polk

Chief Executive Officer

As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mapol Inc., Gord has over 35 years of experience within the pharmaceutical and benefits management industries. Having held management roles within market access and external affairs for various brand pharmaceutical manufacturers and as President of Drug Benefit Consulting, Gord has managed numerous pharmaceutical product introductions to private and public drug plans. Since 1999, Gord has been dedicated exclusively to private payer issues and is the only consultant in Canada with extensive experience working for both brand pharmaceutical manufacturers and for private payer organizations. As a licensed insurance agent in Ontario, Gord continues to broker relationships between private payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Lara Dangourian

Manager, Market Access 

With over eight years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in market access, Lara is Manager, Market Access. Lara’s experience with HTA submissions and her detailed knowledge of processes allow her to assist in the preparation of new product submissions (or re-submissions) and to conduct analytical activities relating to health economics and mathematical modeling. Lara holds a Master of Science degree in Drug Development from Université de Montréal. Lara is bilingual in English and French and lives in Montréal, Québec.

Robert Fong

Senior Manager, Payer Engagement 

With over 16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space at organizations such as Roche, AstraZeneca and Medavie Blue Cross; Robert is Senior Manager, Payer Engagement. Robert has expertise in developing reimbursement strategies, tactics, and market solutions with demonstrated success in broadening public and private market access to innovative medicines via collaboration with key industry leaders. As a former private drug plan reviewer and pharmaceutical sales professional, Robert has expert insight from the mechanics of pharmacy benefit management systems to therapeutic area expertise through to the broader policy and political issues of the day. His breadth of experience and understanding of key stakeholder perspectives allows him to integrate all the various success factors and strategically align for optimal drug reimbursement. Robert is a registered pharmacist and graduated from the University of Toronto.

Nancy Ling

Market Access Research Manager

Over the past 20 years, Nancy has held various management roles within the brand pharmaceutical industry and market research organizations. As the Manager of Market Access Research, Nancy transforms market data into actionable metrics which support our client's business goals. Nancy's experience within Business Intelligence and Specialty Sales at GlaxoSmithKline from 1995 to 2008 enables her to understand the intricacies and relationships between the sales and market access teams within brand pharmaceutical manufacturers. Prior to GSK, she worked for Walsh Canada and IMS Canada managing various database-oriented services targeted for the pharmaceutical industry. Nancy is bilingual in English and French and has obtained an MBA from McGill University/H.E.C. France.

Sue-Lee Pring

Manager, Marketing 

With over a decade of experience in the marketing field, Sue-Lee brings a strong background in direct and online marketing, custom publishing, advertising and events management. Sue-Lee oversees all of Mapol's marketing communications, event planning and promotional activities. Prior to joining Mapol, Sue-Lee delivered award-winning marketing campaigns for leading brands such as The AIR MILES Rewards Program, Sony, and IBM. Sue-Lee holds a MBA in business strategy and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and organizational behaviour both from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Corinne Razem

Manager, Operations

With several years of experience in human resource management, particularly with benefits administration for Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans and Health Care Spending Accounts, Corinne provides insights on the various insurance products utilized by plan sponsors. This insight allows Corinne to support Mapol's business information and business intelligence service offerings through market research, sales, and marketing functions. In addition, Corinne is responsible for the operational activities of Mapol’s Webinar Series and Patient Assistance Programs. Corinne holds licenses in Life (LLQP), Auto, and Fire insurance and has obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree and a Human Resources Management diploma from McMaster University.

Yvan Tran

Senior Manager, Data Services

As Senior Manager, Data Services, Yvan has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has worked with several organizations, including Shoppers Drug Mart and AstraZeneca. Yvan brings his deep expertise in bridging the digital divide between clinical processes, health information systems, and data analytics. For Shoppers Drug Mart, Yvan notably lead the requirement gathering for the development of an innovative real-time decision support tool. Yvan’s diverse experience will be leveraged to lead future initiatives destined to strengthen Mapol's information technology platforms. Yvan is fully bilingual in French and English.